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Why Flyhelp for compensation?

FlyHelp has been actively looking after the interests of customers for more than 5 years. Our experienced and professional team members are ready at any time to help you get the compensation you deserve quickly and easily. We will take care of collecting all necessary legal documents and negotiating compensation for you.

If the airline does not respond within a reasonable time, or refuses to compensate, Flyhelp will keep in touch with them until you receive compensation or a reasoned response regarding the flight delay. If the reason is not honorable, the case will be transferred to the court. During the court process, we will be your representatives and protect your interests. We will provide you with detailed information regarding the details of the case. It is difficult to predict the timing of compensation as it depends on the airline and on their response as well.

It is very easy to fill out an application with us, you only need to upload a ticket, passport and electronic signature. You hereby authorize us to claim compensation from the airline on your behalf.

Flyhelp has already helped many people get compensation. Send us an application and be the next one.
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