In what case can I request compensation?

You can claim compensation if you meet the following requirements:

The flight was delayed by 3 hours or more.

The flight was canceled by the airline and it was left less than 2 weeks before the flight.

The reason for the flight delay was caused by the airline.

You were not allowed on the flight because there were not enough seats on the plane.

What are the procedures to apply?
Filling out the application on our website is a very easy process, it will take you only a few minutes.
How long can I claim compensation?
All airlines offer different legislation, in most cases a request can be made within 2-3 years after the flight.
How much compensation am I entitled to?
The amount of compensation depends on the distance between the airports.

Distance up to 1500 km - 250€
Distance up to 1500-3500 km - 400€
Distance more than 3500 km - 600€
How soon will I receive the compensation?
The time frame for receiving compensation depends on various factors.
In what currency will I receive the compensation amount?
Taking into consideration the existing legislation in Georgia, you will receive the amount in GEL at the current exchange rate on the day of registration.
Is it possible to transfer money to a third party account?
Yes, it is possible. For this, we need to get the passenger's consent in writing.
How much is the FlyHelp.com service fee?
We operate on a 'no-profit, no-commission' basis. We only receive a commission if the airline meets our request for compensation. In such a case, 35% of the compensation is the service fee.