About us

FlyHelp is a company that protects the passengers rights. During travel, each passenger is protected by the law, which obliges airlines to clearly fulfill their responsibilities.Our team is always ready to protect your rights and help you get compensation if the airline refuses to fulfill its obligations.

The main task for the FlyHelp team is to protect the user's rights.

How do we work?

Our service is free and you don't need to pay any upfront money for the service. You only pay us a commission if we win your case.

Our Philosophy (Mission & Vision)

We believe that the experience of each customer shapes the future of our company. We want to create correct and high standards and turn unpleasant experiences with airlines into monetary compensation.

Why Flyhelp?

When can you claim monetary compensation from the airline?

In case of flight delay, the airline is obliged to pay you compensation if

Your flight was delayed by more than 3 hours.

A flight delay is caused by the airline for reasons beyond your control

Not even 2 years have passed since the flight, and in some cases 3.

In case of flight cancellation, the airline company is obliged to pay you compensation, if . . .

Your flight was canceled, but the airline did not notify you 14 days before the flight.

Flight cancellation was caused by the airline for reasons beyond your control.

Your flight has been canceled within the last three years.

The airline denied you boarding due to insufficient seats on board, you are entitled to compensation if

You have not voluntarily exchanged your ticket for any kind of voucher or other benefit.

You were denied boarding for no reason and you showed up for the flight on time.

Not more than 3 years have passed since the mentioned fact.